All The CPU & GPU Roadmaps Ft. Zen 5, RDNA 3, CDNA 4 & Respective Product Families

Yesterday, during its Financial Analyst Day, AMD unveiled its brand new CPU & GPU roadmaps, offering a diverse range of next-generation product families. All of the information provided by AMD did seem a bit overwhelming considering the number of products announced so we will try our best to offer a general overview of everything that’s coming between 2022-2024.

AMD 2022-2024 CPU & GPU Roadmap & Product Families Recap From Financial Analyst Day 2022

Once again, this is just a general overview of what was announced and if you are looking for more detailed information, you can always head over to the linked articles for each product family that’s of interest to you.

AMD Phoenix Point 4nm APU With Zen 4 & RDNA 3 In 2023, Strix Point APUs With Zen 5 & RDNA 3+ In 2024 For Laptops

AMD CPU Core Roadmap

Starting with the CPU roadmap, AMD confirmed that its next-generation Zen lineup will feature 5nm, 4nm, and 3nm CPUs through 2022-2024. Starting right off the bat with Zen 4 which will be launching later this year on the 5nm process node, AMD will also offer Zen 4 3D V-Cache chips in 2023 on the same 5nm process node, and then Zen 4C which will utilize an optimized 4nm node, also in 2023.

AMD’s Zen 4 will be followed by Zen 5 in 2024 which will also come in 3D V-Cache flavors and will be utilize a 4nm process node while the Compute-Optimized, Zen 5C, will leverage from the more advanced 3nm process node. Following is the full list of Zen CPU cores confirmed by the red team:

  • Zen 4 – 5nm (2022)
  • Zen 4 V-Cache 5nm (2023)
  • Zen 4C – 4nm (2023)
  • Zen 5 – 4nm (2024)
  • Zen 5 V-Cache – 4nm (2024+)
  • Zen 5C – 3nm – (2024+)

AMD Zen CPU/APU Roadmap:

Zen Architecture Zen 1 Zen+ Zen 2 Zen 3 Zen 3+ Zen 4 Zen 5 Zen 6
Process Node 14nm 12nm 7nm 7nm 6nm? 5nm/4nm 4nm/3nm TBA
servers EPYC Naples (1st Gen) N/A EPYC Rome (2nd Gen) EPYC Milan (3rd Gen) N/A EPYC Genoa (4th Gen)
EPYC Genoa-X (4th Gen)
EPYC Siena (4th Gen)
EPYC Bergamo (5th Gen?)
EPYC Turin (6th Gen) EPYC Venice (7th Gen)
High End Desktop Ryzen Threadripper 1000 (White Haven) Ryzen Threadripper 2000 (Coflax) Ryzen Threadripper 3000 (Castle Peak) Ryzen Threadripper 5000 (Chagal) N/A Ryzen Threadripper 7000 (TBA) TBA TBA
Mainstream Desktop CPUs Ryzen 1000 (Summit Ridge) Ryzen 2000 (Pinnacle Ridge) Ryzen 3000 (Matisse) Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) Ryzen 6000 (Warhol / Cancelled) Ryzen 7000 (Raphael) Ryzen 8000 (Granite Ridge) TBA
MainstreamDesktop. Laptop APU Ryzen 2000 (Raven Ridge) Ryzen 3000 (Picasso) Ryzen 4000 (Renoir)
Ryzen 5000 (Lucienne)
Ryzen 5000 (Cezanne)
Ryzen 6000 (Barceló)
Ryzen 6000 (Rembrandt) Ryzen 7000 (Phoenix) Ryzen 8000 (Strix Point) TBA
Low-Power Mobile N/A N/A Ryzen 5000 (Van Gogh)
Ryzen 6000 (Dragon Crest)

Which next-gen Zen CPU are you looking forward to the most?

AMD Desktop ‘Ryzen’ CPU Roadmap

Next up, we have the AMD Desktop CPU roadmap which will feature three Zen 4 products within the Ryzen 7000 series. The first one is the Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ CPU lineup launching in late 2022 with the Zen 4 cores. This will be followed by the Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael-X’ chips in 2023 and there is also going to be a Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPU family based on the same Zen 4 cores. All of these Ryzen families will be based on a 5nm process node.AMD Financial Analyst Day Recap: All The CPU & GPU Roadmaps Ft. Zen 5, RDNA 3, CDNA 4 & Respective Product Families 3

The follow-up to Raphael will come in the form of Granite Ridge in 2024 and will be based on the 4nm Zen 5 cores. AMD has only confirmed the standard Zen 5 parts and no V-Cache flavor is listed on the roadmap however, that isn’t the case on the server roadmap. Following is the list of desktop CPUs confirmed by AMD:

AMD Confirms Ryzen Threadripper 7000 HEDT CPUs With Zen 4 Core Architecture In 2023

  • Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ (Zen 4) – 2022
  • Ryzen 7000X ‘Raphael-X’ (Zen 4 V-Cache) – 2023
  • Ryzen Threadripper 7000 (Zen 4) – 2023
  • Ryzen 8000 ‘Granite Ridge’ (Zen 5) – 2024

AMD Mainstream Desktop CPU Generations Comparison:

AMD CPU Family code name ProcessorProcess Processors Cores/Threads (Max) TDPs (Max) Platform Platform Chipset memory support PCIe Support Launch
Ryzen 1000 Summit Ridge 14nm (Zen1) 8/16 95W AM4 300-Series DDR4-2677 Gene 3.0 2017
Ryzen 2000 Pinnacle Ridge 12nm (Zen+) 8/16 105W AM4 400-series DDR4-2933 Gene 3.0 2018
Ryzen 3000 Matisse 7nm (Zen2) 16/32 105W AM4 500-series DDR4-3200 Gen 4.0 2019
Ryzen 5000 Vermeer 7nm (Zen3) 16/32 105W AM4 500-series DDR4-3200 Gen 4.0 2020
Ryzen 5000 3D Warhol? 7nm (Zen 3D) 8/16 105W AM4 500-series DDR4-3200 Gen 4.0 2022
Ryzen 7000 raphael 5nm (Zen 4) 16/32 170W AM5 600-Series DDR5-5200/5600? Gen 5.0 2022
Ryzen 7000 3D raphael 5nm (Zen 4) 16/32? 105-170W AM5 600-Series DDR5-5200/5600? Gen 5.0 2023
Ryzen 8000 Granite Ridge 3nm (Zen 5)? TBA TBA AM5 700-Series? DDR5-5600+ Gen 5.0 2024-2025?

Which next-gen AMD Desktop CPU are you looking forward to the most?

AMD Server ‘EPYC’ CPU Roadmap

The AMD EPYC CPU roadmap is a major deal and it looks like the 4th Gen EPYC CPU lineup will include a diverse portfolio with Zen 4, Zen 4 V-Cache, and Zen 4C chips. The AMD Genoa chips launch first in Q4 2022 on the Zen 4 5nm core followed by Bergamo in 2023 with Zen 4C (4nm), Genoa-X in 2023 with Zen 4 V-Cache (5nm), and Siena in 2023 with Zen 4 cores too.

The follow-up to 4th Gen EPYC will launch in 2024 in the form of EPYC Turin which will utilize the 4nm Zen 5 core architecture. Following is the full list of EPYC CPUs confirmed by AMD:

  • EPYC Genoa ‘Zen 4’ – 2022
  • EPYC Bergamo ‘Zen 4C’ – 2023
  • EPYC Genoa-X ‘Zen 4 V-Cache’ – 2023
  • EPYC Siena – ‘Zen 4’ – 2023
  • EPYC Turin – ‘Zen 5’ – 2024

AMD EPYC CPU Families:

Family Name AMD EPYC Venice AMD EPYC Turin AMD EPYC Sienna AMD EPYC Bergamo AMD EPYC Genoa-X AMD EPYC Genoa AMD EPYC Milan-X AMD EPYC Milan AMD EPYC Rome AMD EPYC Naples
Family Branding EPYC 7007? EPYC 7006? EPYC 7004? EPYC 7005? EPYC 7004? EPYC 7004? EPYC 7003X? EPYC 7003 EPYC 7002 EPYC 7001
Family Launch 2025+ 2024-2025? 2023 2023 2023 2022 2022 2021 2019 2017
CPU Architecture Zen 6? Zen 5 Zen 4 Zen 4C Zen 4 V Cache Zen 4 Zen 3 Zen 3 Zen 2 Zen 1
Process Node TBD 3nm TSMC? 5nm TSMC 5nm TSMC 5nm TSMC 5nm TSMC 7nm TSMC 7nm TSMC 7nm TSMC 14nm GloFo
Platform Name TBD SP5 / SP6 SP6 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP3 SP3 SP3 SP3
Socket TBD LGA6096 (SP5)
LGA4844 LGA6096 LGA6096 LGA6096 LGA4094 LGA4094 LGA4094 LGA4094
Max Core Count 384? 256 64 128 96 96 64 64 64 32
Max Thread Count 768? 512 128 256 192 192 128 128 128 64
Max L3 Cache TBD TBD 256MB? TBD 1152MB? 384MB? 768MB? 256MB 256MB 64MB
Chiplet Design TBD TBD 8 CCD’s (1CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 12 CCD’s (1 CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 12 CCD’s (1 CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 12 CCD’s (1 CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 8 CCD’s with 3D V-Cache (1 CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 8 CCD’s (1 CCX per CCD) + 1 IOD 8 CCD’s (2 CCX’s per CCD) + 1 IOD 4 CCD’s (2 CCX’s per CCD)
memory support TBD DDR5-6000? DDR5-5200 DDR5-5600? DDR5-5200 DDR5-5200 DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200 DDR4-2666
memory channels TBD 12Channel (SP5)
6-Channel (SP6)
6-Channel 12 channels 12 channels 12 channels 8Channel 8Channel 8Channel 8Channel
PCIe Gen Support TBD TBD 96 Gen 5 160 Gen 5 160 Gen 5 160 Gen 5 128 Gen 4 128 Gen 4 128 Gen 4 64 Gen 3
TDP Range TBD 480W (cTDP 600W) 70-225W 320W (cTDP 400W) 200W (cTDP 400W) 200W (cTDP 400W) 280W 280W 280W 200W

Which Next-Gen AMD EPYC CPUs are you looking forward to the most?

AMD Notebook ‘Ryzen’ CPU Roadmap

On the notebook front, AMD confirmed that they will have Phoenix Point with Zen 4 and RDNA 3 core IPs on the 4nm node by 2023 and the follow-up to that will be called Strix Point which will be utilizing Zen 5 and RDNA 3+ IPs on an advanced process node by 2024 The Phoenix Point family will fall under the Ryzen 7000 Notebook lineup while Strix Point will fall under the Ryzen 8000 CPU lineup. Both will be utilizing a chiplet-based design.

  • Ryzen 7000 ‘Phoenix Point’ (Zen 4+RDNA 3 on 4nm) – 2023
  • Ryzen 8000 ‘Strix Point’ (Zen 5+RDNA 3+ on 3nm?) – 2024
Which next-gen AMD Notebook CPUs are you looking forward to the most?

AMD Gaming ‘Radeon’ GPU Roadmap

Shifting gears to AMD’s GPU roadmap, David Wang and his team at the Radeon segment unveiled RDNA 3 ‘Navi 3x’ GPUs based on 5nm process nodes in 2022 followed by RDNA 4 ‘Navi 4x’ GPUs on an advanced node by 2024.

  • Radeon RX 7000 ‘RDNA 3’ 5nm GPUs – 2022
  • Radeon RX 8000 ‘RDNA 4’ 3nm GPUs – 2024?

AMD RDNA Generational GPU Lineup

Radeon Lineup RadeonRX5000 RadeonRX6000 RadeonRX7000 RadeonRX8000
GPU Architecture RDNA1 RDNA2 RDNA3 / RDNA2 RDNA4
Process Node 7nm 7nm 5nm/6nm? 5nm/3nm?
GPU Family Navi 1X Navi 2X Navi 3X Navi 4X
Flagship GPU N/A Navi 21 (5120 SPs) Navi 31 (15360 SPs) Navi 41
High End GPU Navi 10 (2560 SPs) Navi 22 (2560 SPs) Navi 32 (10240 SPs) Navi 42
Mid Tier GPU Navi 12 (2560 SPs) Navi 23 (2048 SPs) Navi 33 (5120 SPs) Navi 43
Entry Tier GPU Navi 14 (1536 SPs) Navi 24 (1024 SPs) Navi 34 (2560 SPs) Navi 44

Which next-gen AMD Radeon GPUs are you looking forward to the most?

AMD Server ‘Instinct’ GPU Roadmap

Lastly, we have the server GPU roadmap which starting with CDNA 3 architecture will no longer technically be a GPU-only design but shift to an APU-styled architecture. The Instinct MI300 will be the only family in the CDNA 3 lineup based on the 5nm process node and utilizing multiple CDNA 3 configurations with Zen 4 cores. The family will be launching next year in 2023.

That’s a wrap for the roadmaps, let us know your thoughts in the comments for AMD’s next-gen CPU and GPU product portfolio.

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