Live from T-Mobile Park, where we can admit the Seattle Mariners stink

As we all know, KIRO radio and ROOT Sports announcers who cover the Mariners must sugarcoat everything with their comments even when the team is awful, which is usually the case and particularly evident after losing four of five games during the most recent home series against the Angels.

And if I were in their shoes, I’d do the same thing to keep my job, but I’m guessing that most evenings after another putrid performance by the Mariners, I’d come home, pour myself a Jack Daniels on the rocks , take a shower and tell my wife: “You wouldn’t believe the BS I put out there tonight.”

Honestly, if I ran KIRO radio and ROOT Sports, I’d tell my announcers to speak their minds, to say what they truly thought about the Mariners, good or bad. Don’t blow smoke up the skirts of those watching and listening.

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