Notre Dame Targets, Commit Talk with Irish Player Club

The Irish Player Clubhosted by former Notre Dame quarterback Malik Zaire and Hank Assaff, hosted another conversation on Twitter Tuesday night. This week’s episode included four-star cornerback Christian Grayfour-star cornerback / receiver Micah Teaseand even had a late addition of five-star Notre Dame quarterback commit CJ Carr.

Here is a summary of what was said.

four-star cornerback Christian Gray talked about education being the biggest thing that appeals to him about Notre Dame. He added that he and his grandfather have been watching Fighting Irish football for a long time and it carries a lot of weight with him family.

He also talked about how football is not forever and people have told him to look beyond just football when picking a school. He said that he is considering that when choosing a school and program. “That’s big for me.”

Gray said the Notre Dame fanbase is “crazy,” while emphasizing their passion for the program. He said that he was going to a 7-on-7 tournament and was stopped in an airport by two kids who were Notre Dame fans. He said the fanbase is something he’s grateful for. “The love is real.”

He said that Marcus Freeman becoming the head coach made his realize a National Championship is coming for Notre Dame. He’s a big part of Gray’s interest in the program.

Gray added that the team is really close. He said they have a great mindset. They do their homework, go to camp, and do it all at a high level. He once again said a national championship is coming for Notre Dame.

On the recruiting process from schools, he said some programs can be fake. “I haven’t seen anything fake at Notre Dame. It’s real there.” He said that it’s different than other schools.

Gray said that he noticed everyone on Notre Dame’s team shows love to one another. They talk trash, but it’s all love and they love competing. They just want to get better.

Gray said that he’s not looking for NIL. “Sure, I want it, but it’s last on my list. I am looking for a lot more than some NIL money.”

Gray said that with recruiting, the phone is always ringing. Whether he’s at practice or hanging out, the phone rings. It’s always buzzing. It was a lot to get used to.

Gray said his freshman year goals are to maintain a minimum of a 3.6 gpa and become a freshman All-American.

Four-star cornerback / receiver Micah Tease said Notre Dame is about more than just football, which appeals to him. He said the education piece is “tremendous.” He said he could quit football and use that degree to do anything with it. “You’re surrounded by future Fortune 500 people. It’s a lot of love in South Bend.”

Tease said that football has an expiration date. “You can’t play football forever, so what do I want to do?” He said that Notre Dame showed him they have more to offer than just football.

He said that having a Notre Dame offer is a privilege. He added that they don’t go after everyone, so you “have to be a stud in the classroom and on the field.” He added that everyone asks him all the time back at home if Notre Dame is recruiting him.

Tease was excited Marcus Freeman became the head coach. “It was a great feeling seeing him get the job.”

He said that he has a great bond with Freeman. He called it “genuine, not transactional.” He felt that on the official visit. He said that even though he’s not committed, everyone welcomed him with open arms. He, too, thinks a national championship is coming under Freeman.

Tease said that you get the best of both worlds with Notre Dame and he likes the national schedule. He said you play everyone and they have great competition up there. You don’t duck anyone and he loves that they play coast to coast.

He said that in recruiting, he’s looking for fit, not some dream school. He said every day won’t be a great day, so you need to find the right place where you’re the happiest.

Tease said that he likes the fact that everyone accepts everyone. “They are a melting pot of people around the world. He said that during school and away from it, you notice it. I have added that he likes it a lot.

Tease said that NIL is a part of recruiting, but it’s not the main thing. “It’s a side piece. It’s not a selling piece for me. It’s the last thing I worry about talking about.”

Tease said that he had to get used to the recruiting calls. “My phone is usually on do not disturb.”

I have added that he’s enrolling early. He wants to be a freshman All-American and help win a conference title.”

Five-star quarterback and Notre Dame commit CJ Carr talked about recruiting hard for the Fighting Irish. He said he’s trying to set the program up for success. “We want guys like Christian Gray and Micah Tease to help us win a National Championship.”

Carr said a national title is the gaol. “We do it differently at Notre Dame. That’s the expectation.”

He said that Ohio State got two big commits today, but these two (Gray and Tease) are the same caliber of players. He said that getting those two guys would change the program.

Carr said that being committed “is a lot of weight off the shoulders. There is no pressure. I can say I’m part of the family now. Now it’s about recruiting guys to join the family.”

He said that picking Notre Dame was because of Marcus Freeman and Tommy Rees and the culture they are creating. He said Freeman talks about the fact that “it’s not a 4-year decision, but a 40-year decision,” and that meant a lot.

Carr touched on reclassifying and added that he’s “zoned in on connections with the players.” He’s focused on getting to campus and recruiting guys to Notre Dame. “That’s my focus.”

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