Rewinding Auburn’s 6-2 win against Stanford in the College World Series

Auburn lives to see another day.

Facing elimination in the College World Series, Auburn rallied past Stanford for a 6-2 win Monday at Charles Schwab Field. The Tigers were powered by a four-run sixth inning, capped by a big three-run double off the bat of Cole Foster, as they overcame an early two-run deficit against the tournament’s No. 2 overall seed.

Auburn advances to play the loser of Monday night’s Arkansas-Ole Miss matchup on Tuesday at 6 pm

Foster finished 2-of-3 with two doubles to lead the way for Auburn, which improved to 43-21 on the year and eliminated Stanford from the College World Series. Trace Bright tossed five solid innings for Auburn, allowing two runs on five hits while striking out eight and issuing zero walks. All-America closer Blake Burkhalter struck out five in 2 1/3 innings of work to seal the win for the Tigers.

Below is a blow-by-blow recap of Monday’s game:

FINISH: Auburn 6, Stanford 2

— Brock Jones fouls out to third, ending Stanford’s season.

— Adam Crampton with an infield single that glances off Blake Burkhalter. He beats the throw to first.

— Eddie Park strikes out. That’s No. 5 for Blake Burkhalter.

— Blake Burkhalter strikes out Tommy Troy for the first out.

Top of the ninth: Auburn 6, Stanford 2

— Brooks Carlson grounds out to end the inning.

— Bobby Peirce strikes out. Two down and a runner on second for Brooks Carlson.

— Brody Moore steals second.

— Sonny DiChiara strikes out on a check-swing.

— Brody Moore draws a walk to open the inning.

— LHP Ryan Bruno in to pitch now for Stanford, replacing Brandt Pancer.

Bottom of the eighth: Auburn 6, Stanford 2

— Blake Burkhalter strikes out Drew Bowser to end the inning.

— Kody Huff flies out to the warning track in left field.

— Braden Montgomery strikes out swinging.

Top of the eighth: Auburn 6, Stanford 2

— Blake Rambusch pops out to shallow right field to end the inning.

— Bryson Ware bloops one into shallow left field to give Auburn runners on the corners.

— Nate LaRue flies out to left-center field.

— Kason Howell reaches on a one-out single.

— Cole Foster strikes out swinging.

Bottom of seventh: Auburn 6, Stanford 2

— Huge strikeout by Blake Burkhalter against Brett Barrera. Stanford leaves the base loaded.

— Tommy Sheehan’s outing is done. Auburn is turning to All-American Blake Burkhalter.

— Carter Graham with a single to left field. Bases loaded now for Brett Barrera. Auburn challenges the play, but it’s confirmed.

— Brock Jones hit by a pitch, and it’s two on with two down for Carter Graham.

— Adam Crampton with a two-out double, and now Stanford has the top of its order up.

— Tommy Troy grounds out, and then Eddie Park lines out to third.

Top of seventh: Auburn 6, Stanford 2

— Brooks Carlson pops up in the infield to end the inning.

Auburn 6, Stanford 2: Bobby Peirce doubles to left field. Blake Rambusch scores.

— Sonny DiChiara flies out to right field. Blake Rambusch doesn’t advance on the play.

Auburn 5, Stanford 2: Brody Moore with a sac fly to left field. Bryson Ware scores.

— Blake Rambusch with a double to left field. Two in scoring position for Brody Moore.

— Mike Bello with a leadoff walk. Bryson Ware comes in to pinch run.

Bottom of the sixth: Auburn 4, Stanford 2

— Drew Bowser goes down swinging to end the inning.

— Kody Huff strikes out swinging.

— Braden Montgomery draws a one-out walk.

— Brett Barrera strikes out to open the frame.

— Tommy Sheehan in to pitch for Auburn. Trace Bright’s line: Five innings, five hits, two runs and eight strikeouts on 77 pitches.

Top of the sixth inning: Auburn 4, Stanford 2

— Nate LaRue pops out to center to end the inning.

— Kason Howell reaches on an infield single. Runners on the corners now for Nate LaRue.

Auburn 4, Stanford 2: Cole Foster with a bases-clearing double, and the Tigers are in front.

— Brooks Carlson strikes out. Two down and the bases loaded for Cole Foster, with the typing run 90 feet away.

Auburn 1, Stanford 2: Bobby Peirce draws a bases-loaded walk on a full count. Mike Bello scores. Peirce has driven in both of Auburn’s runs here in Omaha this week.

— Sonny DiChiara hit by a pitch. Bases loaded now with one out for Bobby Peirce.

— With a full count, Brody Moore flies out to center field. No on advances, and it’s two on and one down for Sonny DiChiara.

— Blake Rambusch singles through the left side. Two on again with no outs for Auburn. That’s Rambusch’s first hit since the UCLA game in the Auburn Regional.

— Mike Bello leads off the inning with a single to left.

Bottom of fifth: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Carter Graham strikes out to end the inning. Trace Bright has pitched well, with eight strikeouts through five.

— Brock Jones strikes out swinging. That’s Trace Bright’s seventh of the afternoon.

— Eddie Park steals third, and Stanford has another run 90 feet away with one out and the top of its order looming.

— Eddie Park advances on a sac bunt by Adam Crampton; that’s his team-leading 13th sacrifice of the season.

— Eddie Park leads off the inning with a single through the right side.

Top of the fifth inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Inning over, as Cole Foster is caught in a rundown between third and home. Kason Howell tried to swipe second, and then Foster took off for home. Heads up play by Stanford, and a tough look for Auburn, which can’t capitalize on getting the first two batters on. That also closes the book on Drew Dowd’s day: four-plus innings of scoreless ball, allowing three hits, striking out six and walking one.

— Nate LaRue flies out to right field, and Cole Foster tags up and reaches third. Two down and runners on the corners for Mike Bello.

— Kason Howell reaches on a fielder’s choice after a bunt attempt back to the mound. Brooks Carlson thrown out at third, so it’s still runners on first and second.

— Drew Dowd’s day is over, as Stanford is turning to left-hander Quinn Mathews, who is 9-1 on the year with a 2.62 ERA, 110 strikeouts and a .204 batting average against.

— Cole Foster draws a walk, and it’s two on for Auburn with no outs.

— Brooks Carlson with a leadoff double to left field.

Bottom of the fourth inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Trace Bright strikes out Tommy Troy to end an 11-pitch at-bat, and the inning. Bright has retired seven in a row since that RBI double in the second.

— Drew Bowser grounds out for the second out.

— Kody Huff flies out to right field.

Top of the fourth inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Bobby Peirce strikes out, then he’s called for batter’s interference as Brody Moore tried to steal second. Inning over.

— Drew Dowd strikes out Sonny DiChiara. That’s a big out.

— Brody Moore beats out an infield single to give Auburn a leadoff runner on.

Bottom of the third inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Another strikeout for Trace Bright, who gets Blake Montgomery swinging to end the inning. I have thrown 48 pitches, with 30 for strikes, through three innings.

— Trace Bright with his fourth strikeout, this time getting Brett Barrera for the second out.

— Carter Graham flies out to right field.

Top of the third inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Blake Rambusch strikes out swinging. Three up, three down for Auburn in the third.

— Mike Bello flies out to left field.

— Nate LaRue flies out to the warning track in center field to lead things off.

Bottom of the second inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 2

— Trace Bright strikes out Brock Jones to end the inning and prevent any further damage.

— After review, the call on the field is confirmed. Ball hit fair, so it’s a two-out RBI double for Adam Crampton, and a two-run lead for Stanford.

Auburn 0, Stanford 2: Adam Crampton doubles down the third-base line, just fair. Tommy Troy scores easily. Auburn will challenge the play.

— Eddie Park grounds out to second, with Tommy Troy advancing to third.

— Tommy Troy doubles down the left-field line. His 15th double of the season.

— Drew Bowser strikes out swinging on three pitches.

Top of the second inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 1

— Cole Foster stranded at second, as Kason Howell flares out to the pitcher.

— Cole Foster with a two-out double, his 10th of the season.

— Brooks Carlson called out on strikes. Two down, as Drew Dowd seems to be settling in after three straight balls to open the game.

— Bobby Peirce pops out a second to open the frame.

Bottom of the first inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 1

— Trace Bright gets Braden Montgomery and Kody Huff to pop out to end the inning, with Stanford stranding a runner on second.

Auburn 0, Stanford 1: Brett Barrera doubles to left-center field, and Brock Jones comes around to score.

— Brock Jones swipes second to give Stanford a runner in scoring position.

— Trace Bright strikes out Carter Graham for the first out.

— Brock Jones singles through the right side on the second pitch from Trace Bright.

Top of the first inning: Auburn 0, Stanford 0

— Sonny DiChiara works a full count, but then strikes out to end the inning. Ball got away from the catcher, who threw him out at first after the third strike.

— Brody Moore flies out to deep center field.

— Blake Rambusch gets ahead 3-0 in the count but then strikes out on the eighth pitch of the at-bat.

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Auburn line-up:

1. Blake Rambusch, 3B (.331)

2. Brody Moore, SS (.294)

3. Sonny DiChiara, 1B (.389)

4. Bobby Peirce, RF (.286)

5. Brooks Carlson, DH (.305)

6. Cole Foster, 2B (.265)

7. Kason Howell, CF (.283)

8. Nate LaRue, C (.219)

9. Mike Bello, LF (.255)

Stanford line-up:

1. Brock Jones, CF (.325)

2. Carter Graham, 1B (.332)

3. Brett Barrera, 2B (.353)

4. Braden Montgomery, RF (.298)

5. Kody Huff, C (.321)

6. Drew Bowser, 3B (.298)

7. Tommy Troy, DH (.341)

8. Eddie Park, LF (.319)

9. Adam Crampton, SS (.306)

Tom Green is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Tomas_Verde.

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